Your Privacy:

Do You Have Any Idea How Little of It You Have Left?

At the same time as Government agencies and corporations are banging on about the importance of privacy law compliance, they’re delightedly trading away your privacy in multitudinous ways, and largely without your knowledge.

By way of just two examples, the average citizen no longer knows who has access to their:

* Medical records (Government agencies are frantically working with large commercial interests and your local medical practice to extract your most intimate health data from the practice’s closed keeping and load it onto databases managed by corporations and stored who knows where, accessible by who knows who, both inside and outside of those organisations);

* Conversations with all manner of commercial and Government organisations, which record these for nebulous “quality and training purposes”.

I’ll be putting the spotlight on all aspects of this continually evolving area. Feel free to email me with suggestions, information and tip-offs. I welcome them all as I delve into this volcanic issue.

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