When the Ultimate Commodity Purchase
Becomes An Awesome Experience

Question: When is a shipping container not just a shipping container?

Answer: When it comes with the extraordinary service levels of Dunedin’s Royal Wolf sales office.

Recently I’ve been experiencing a home and office storage crisis. Earlier this week, I decided to solve it with the purchase of a 20-foot shipping container.

The purchase – for those involved in the sale more so than the purchase – came with a few potential challenges. Not the least of these was the tricky logistical situation involved: After a two-hour road trip, it had to be transported down a long, narrow driveway, lifted over top of a double garage, and positioned very precisely in a spot in my back yard.

No problem to Adam Glendining, a Royal Wolf Senior Sales Executive. Key moments in the surprisingly streamlined operation are depicted in the above photographs.

But the happy experience didn’t stop there.

Firstly, Adam masterminded a way of reducing what could have been a considerably greater transportation cost. Much appreciated, Mr Glendining.

Secondly, he threw in a most unexpected value-add, in a humorous twist to an earlier light-hearted email exchange.

In order to ensure I was getting a decent-looking container, I’d asked a few key questions of Adam – who, by way of going the extra mile to answer them – emailed me a series of photos from various angles.

I joked with him that, if he wanted to increase his share of the female market, he might paint his containers in suitably attractive shades. His witty, tongue-in-cheek response came with a colour chart attached.

But how good is this? When the very straight, very clean container arrived, and my helpers and I opened its doors . . . voila! Freshly spray-painted inside walls greeted us!

How many sales executives do you know that use wit, humour, going the extra mile, and sheer ingenuity, to turn the purchase of the ultimate commodity item into a memorable customer experience? There’s a lesson here.

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