This NZ Customs Call Centre Operator Is Proficiency Personified


Here’s how you handle a (potential) customer complaint very, very well.

This morning, a package containing three bottles of nutritional supplements arrived at my house by courier.

I pulled out my scissors to avail myself of the parcel’s contents, to find – lo and behold – said scissors were redundant. Someone had done the job for me:  The parcel was already opened. Someone had ripped into it and hadn’t even taken the time to re-seal it.


My assumption was that – being an overseas parcel – New Zealand Customs had opened it and inspected it. However, it is my understanding that (a) Customs is required to place a sticker or some form of notification on a parcel so treated, and (b) re-seal it. Neither of which had happened.

So I called Customs to enquire if they had, in fact, opened it.

I’ll continue this article in the form of updates, when I find out who did open it, but for the meantime, I want to comment on the proficient and expert way in which the matter was handled by the Customs call centre staff member who took my call.

He was polite, helpful and detailed in his suggestions as to what might have happened, and undertook to make enquiries.

A 20-Minute Turnaround

Within 20 minutes of that call, he’d kept his word, and I came off the phone to Courier Post to find a voicemail from him awaiting me. I’m so impressed with his integrity and handling of the matter, that I’ve typed up the message he left (which he further followed through on with an email to me, again, all within 20 minutes of my call):

“Hi Jordan, this is Jason from New Zealand Customs. We spoke earlier and I’m calling you back.

“I’ve followed up with our inspections team, and no-one has been able to (recorded phrase not clear) with regards to your parcel. There’s no notes in our system, either.

“I’ve also followed up with the Ministry of Primary Industries, as there was a possibility they might have gone through, but they have got no record of going through any parcel under your name.

“Obviously, also, if it had been gone through (i.e. by either organisation) there would be some identification markers like sellotape and a sticker saying that we had gone through your parcel.

“So from Customs and DPI’s side of things, it looks like it wasn’t us. So you’ll need to really follow up with the courier company and see what they say. (He’d given me the courier’s phone number on the first phone call.)

“I’ll email you with all the details and also my contact details if you want to get back in touch with me.

“Have a nice day. Bye.”

Is there some reason ALL customer enquiries / complaints shouldn’t be handled that proficiently by ALL organisations?

If there is, please send me that explanation:

So that’s an example of a customer situation expertly handled.

Now let’s take a look at a REALLY bad situation that has, and remains, REALLY badly handled . . . by way of extreme contrast.

Here’s the original post:  Allied Pickfords . . . The Not-So-Careful Movers

Here’s the update:  How To Make A Bad Situation A Whole Lot Worse

And, if you think it couldn’t have gotten much worse than that, then sadly, you’d be wrong. I’ll have another detailed update for you within the next week.

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