The Best Soy Milk
I’ve Ever Bought


A decades-long search for a decent-tasting soy milk that isn’t full of added sugar, artificial flavourings and other crap (sorry, no other word for it) has ended . . . successfully.

In the most unexpected of places – a Four Square store in deepest rural New Zealand – I stumbled across the Pure Harvest brand of organic soy milk: the yummiest, purest, most reasonably-priced of all soy milks I’ve tried. And I’ve just about tried them all.

Actually, it’s probably first equal. Bonsoy is an exceptional product – and the taste quite different to any other soy milk. But it’s not exactly readily available (not in New Zealand, anyway), and it’s  expensive. It’s the soy milk you savour sparingly as a treat. By contrast, my new Pure Harvest find is one I am currently guzzling at the rate of a one-litre pack a day.

Do check out this company’s website. I was impressed to read about this producer:

The website also has a section with some tantalising give-aways and prizes:

And a section chock-full of even more tantalising recipes:

As I said, I’m impressed. And I’m not even a foodie. Just a common garden vegetarian who insists on affordable, no-crap, organic food and beverages. Which is exactly what, it appears, you’ll find plenty of in this company’s quite extensive product range.

PS:  I just signed up for their newsletter and received (unexpectedly) a link for the recipe e-book “Indulge with Coco2“. At a glance, it looks like the perfect answer for chocoholics wanting to – as per the title – “indulge” in a reasonably sinless, but still delicious – way.

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