Supplier of the Month (Decade?)


I’ve written a good number of glowing articles about great companies giving awesome service, but this one takes the cake.

Heartbreakingly, today, I broke the exquisite and rare art deco glass pane in the front door of my 1936 villa.

Now, I live in a regional town where, for some reason, reliable tradies that give timely service can be as rare as my broken art deco glass pane . . . and when you get a good supplier on your team, you do everything in your power to keep him there.

I’m now sufficiently fortunate to have a fantastic builder, painter and a variety of other good tradespeople around me, albeit it’s taken six years to find them all.

The one trade I didn’t have (because I’ve never had much call for it) is a glazier. So when my glass broke this morning on a cold, pelting-rain day with snow predicted, I wasn’t too hopeful about achieving a timely, or even a successful (given the rarity of the glass) outcome. Especially so, since the one time I’d phoned a glazier several years ago, I’d waited approximately three weeks for a return call.

Today . . . luck was on my side. I randomly chose to call Waitaki Glass & Glazing.

Mission Impossible? Not for This Glazier

A polite, professional and extraordinarily helpful young man named James was on the case within an hour and half. I’d actually not heard his arrival, either; I’d been on the phone. He efficiently measured the door panel, made his calculations, and – with regard to the rarity of the glass to be replaced – shot off back to his premises on a mission he obviously wasn’t prepared to treat as impossible.

He was back within two hours with . . . . drum roll please . . . a pane of the exact, rarest of the rare, 1936 vintage elaborate-design glass. He had, apparently, painstakingly sieved through his collector-father’s antique glass cache and voila . . . had miraculously stumbled across the coveted piece.

Then, amidst an unrelated building project going on at my property, he managed to install the pane around builders, electricians, decorators, and other miscellaneous tradespeople entering and leaving continuously through said door.

Topping off the entire impressive performance, it would be both fair and accurate to say that I have never had a tradesperson clean up after themselves so meticulously.

Twelve out of ten, Waitaki Glass & Glazing.

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  • John Guthrie
    August 3, 2016

    A delightful story to read. We need good real life stories.

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