I offer this list of resources with a full disclaimer as to whether or not you achieve justice and satisfaction through your use of any of them.

My disclaimer applies most especially to industry associations (who, in my opinion, are in many cases directly conflicted) and (supposedly independent) government industry regulation agencies.

Nonetheless, if you are less cynical than I, or if you have had satisfactory experiences with such organisations, you may want to work through these channels – at least to the point at which you hit a brick wall (and maybe you won’t).

So, here I present a list of “go to” bodies (or specific pages from those bodies’ websites) for your information and potential usage. I will expand this list over time. Please feel very free to send me both your suggestions for additional listings, along with comment on any experience you have had with them.



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  • veronica Carson
    August 5, 2016

    I phoned vanilla one again today and was told to call back because they were having a fire drill i was on the line nine minutes. I called back two hours later and was told they recieve my faxes yesterday but that was only after i posted my dissatisfaction on your site. I will continue to go public until they refund my$3000 back. Thank you Veronica Carson.

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