Mainfreight . . . My Heroes!

Who else but Mainfreight goes to this degree of effort to pad up a used boardroom table?

Is Mainfreight a pretty special company, or what?

A company with the ultimate “can do” ethos, Mainfreight continues to get a thumbs up all the way from this customer.

A couple of months ago, I needed a newly-imported, super-sized, delicate electronic printer whiteboard to make its way from a small town in the North Island, to my new videoconferencing studio in the lower half of the South Island.

The catch was I needed it to get from Point A to Point B . . . overnight. For which it had to go from said small east coast town in the North Island, up to Auckland, back down to the interisland ferry and across Cook Strait, and on down towards the bottom of the South Island . . . all within 24 hours.

Who do you turn to when no-one else can pull off a logistics miracle of that magnitude?

Mainfreight. Every time.

This week – in another typically Mainfreight experience – I took delivery of a very large desk and a boardroom table, down from Christchurch.

This time, neither of these pieces was actually new. But that didn’t matter to the manner in which Mainfreight treated them. They arrived wrapped like the Crown Jewels, packaged up especially by the Mainfreight people in Christchurch, either at the point of or after collection.

Take a look at the photos. I mean, who else but Mainfreight goes to that degree of effort? (Certainly not Allied Pickfords, who shifted my house and office contents from Brisbane to New Zealand last November. Or, that should be, SOME of my house and office contents i.e. those that made it here. BTW, regarding that third instalment documenting the ongoing debacle – i.e. that I’ve been promising for months – stay tuned. It really is coming soon. And if you thought it couldn’t be any more horrifying than the content of the first two instalments, you’d be mistaken.)

So thumbs up yet again, Mainfreight. You’re THE best, bar none.

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