How to Frustrate Your Customers & Make Their Lives As Difficult As Possible


Today I came across the boarding pass for a flight between Brisbane and New Zealand on November 6 last year.

Not knowing whether or not my travel agent had registered my Air New Zealand “Airpoints”, I endeavoured to access my Frequent Flyer account to check. I must have changed either my user name or password since I last accessed the account. The “re-set password” function didn’t exactly do what one might have generally expected it to do, and netted no joy at all.

After several attempts, I aborted the exercise and decided to pick up the phone. That is, when I finally managed to find the phone number for the airline’s New Zealand customers. In the manner of many other businesses who seem to have an aversion to actually speaking to their customers, the number was nice and hard to get to.

Even harder was getting the enquiry resolved, even having successfully ferreted out the appropriate phone number.

After navigating the phone menu, comes the outgoing voice message:

“Kia Ora. Unfortunately, Airpoints entry is currently unavailable.”

Air New Zealand, may I make a point about the pointlessness of your Airpoints point of contact contactlessness? What is the point of having an Airpoints contact point, when you and your Airpoints contacts are pointlessly uncontactable?

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