House Removal Disaster:

How to Make A Bad Situation A Whole Lot Worse

After ignoring all my communications for a month, I finally provoked a “response” from Allied Pickfords.

Well, more the response you get when you’re not getting one.

This (the receipt of an insurance claim form template and a two-sentence covering email), came either as a result of:

(a)  My phoning and emailing around half of the Australian branches of Allied Pickfords and a handful of New Zealand branches asking them to forward my communication to “someone who cared”, or

(b)  My having persisted (albeit unsuccessfully) on a phone call to the Sirva office in Melbourne, in an attempt to get the name of whomever heads up (nationally) either or both of these appalling entities.

Refusal to Disclose National Management’s Identity

The staffer refused to disclose the identity of any national management personnel.

When I persisted, the staffer told me I’d have to speak with the an individual who happened, uselessly, to be one of the recipients of all of my ignored emails to date. Then she put me on hold and left me there.

Folks, before you get into the below email trail, just have a go at some of this media coverage and online feedback about Allied Pickfords. Seriously, how is this outfit still operating?

Just a few select examples:

The longer you spend digging up this feedback, the more stomach-churning it gets.

Latest ‘Response’ & Previous Email Thread

From: Jordan Kelly
Sent: Wednesday, 27 January 2016 1:21 p.m.
To: Allied Pickfords
Subject: A Totally Inadequate Response

Not good enough.

This is NOT the way you promised to progress things with me during your singular call to me in December. You completely re-negged on your word, and have completely ignored every email since, including the desperate December 24 “please search for my manuscript crates” email at the end of this trail.

Further, you have only belatedly sent me this email because I have just been on the phone to the Sirva call centre trying to determine the genuine identity of the national head of your organisation. As you know, I was stonewalled – yet again.

No, this has gone too far for you to continue playing these games with me. We need this whole matter addressed at the top now.

Your conduct and treatment of this matter has been horrific.

There are now many other aspects of the overall case to be addressed.

Further, as you well know, there will be no place on your “claim form” for me to address the most important issue of all i.e. your loss of my manuscript crates.

You remember that small matter?  As above, the one over which you promised to conduct a thorough search of all relevant warehouses and get back to me, and then I never heard from you again, despite my multiple emails?

You might remember my (ignored by you) insistence that you, at the very least, contact the other customers whose belongings were shipped in the same container as mine, to see if they had errantly received them?

You know, the conversation during which you asked me to send you the photographs of samples of the damage to my shipment, which I spent four hours doing, compiling detailed commentary – to which I have not, to this day, had any acknowledgement of, from you or any other Allied Pickfords person?

No. This is a much larger and more serious matter now.

At this point, I insist that you disclose the true identity of the national head/s of Sirva and Allied Pickfords to me. I also wish to communicate with the directors of the organisation/s.

Jordan Kelly

From: Allied Pickfords
Sent: Wednesday, 27 January 2016 12:33 p.m.
To: Jordan Kelly
Subject: RE: Online Coverage, For Your Information

Hi Jordan,

For us to progress your claim under the terms and conditions of your insurance policy, I require you to complete and return your claim form that was sent to you on the 21st December 2016.

Once I have this form, the assessment of your claim can commence.


From: Jordan Kelly
Sent: Tuesday, 26 January 2016 10:21 AM
To: Allied Pickfords
Subject: Online Coverage, For Your Information


You may wish to be appraised of my online coverage of this matter, to be found on the front page of my new consumer affairs blog:

My next article will focus on the bigger picture I’m uncovering as I continue my research into your company, both within Australia and globally:

In the meantime, in case the management and directors of Allied Pickfords or Sirva are in any doubt about the equally horrific experiences your customers are having in both hemispheres: 

(Readers:  An entire list of links went here but, for brevity’s sake, four are lifted out and replicated in my introduction to this email trail.)

It is a reasonable assumption that you will continue to ignore me. It is an equally reasonable assumption that you will continue to hear from me.

Jordan Kelly

From: Jordan Kelly
Sent: Thursday, 24 December 2015 7:05 p.m.
To: Allied Pickfords
Subject: Serious Issue to Be Addressed With Urgency



It is emerging that we have a far bigger problem than missing clothes and camera gear.

Following the visit of your regional agent today, I have turned my focus to that material which is missing from the professional works category of my consignment, and I am making some VERY unwelcome discoveries.

As you know, over the past week since my gear arrived here in my home, I have laboured daily (and long past midnight each night) to piece together the sorrowful mess and incomplete consignment delivered to me.

The category of items I had yet to piece together was that of my manuscript and project crates, and other items from the same room as accommodated the clothing carousel (the room from which most of the items are missing, as has been copiously discussed).

I had, in fact, commenced this endeavour just prior to your agent’s visit this morning, and – my conversation with him having prompted me to sit now and closely consider the number of manuscript crates in that room (compared with those that arrived here) – I realise that possibly only HALF that number of crates have ended up here. I am also having to sort through the actual contents of each crate, because – as mentioned in previous (ignored) emails – in some instances, contents of some containers have been put into others.

In the book manuscript department, I estimate that between 12 and 15 of the 60L crates should have arrived here full of specifically manuscript materials. I have just come off the phone to my Brisbane assistant, who organised and attended the post-move cleaning of the house, and she confirms this approximate number. She also confirms that no crates were left behind – either inside or outside the house.

Pending my further “putting together” of the picture, two of the most valuable manuscript crates are as follows (NB:  Interim assessment only):

  • Close to completion was the manuscript contained in a crate recogniseable by virtue of the fact that it contains a variety of paperback and hardcover books from various genres and vintages (but all business or self-help related), mixed in with print-outs and files containing my own works. The title of this book is on the label which has arrived here without the crate it should be attached to. I found it inside one of the other manuscript crates.
  • The second manuscript box that I have identified thus far as missing will be more readily identifiable by its contents. This crate will be very full, and will contain a uniform stack of manilla folders (in a variety of colours) each, in turn, containing print-out pages of my own documentation. Each folder will have a title on it.

The above manuscript box is among the worst that you could have lost, in terms of my manuscripts, as each of these folders represented a book in its own right, and was simply waiting to be edited. It was to be a series of approximately 10 books.

Each book – both this series of 10 and all others the manuscripts for which are contained in the missing crates – represents significant, “long tail” life-time income for me.

Unless and until you find these manuscript crates (ALL OF THEM), you have completely deleted numerous life-time income streams that were to have been forthcoming to my business.

Which leads me to the next point:  Somewhere, the Intellectual Property contained in my (not only) commercially valuable but also competitively sensitive and multiple manuscript crates, is “floating around”. Do you realise the implications of this to me as an author, a coach and a consultant whose livelihood and professional advantage is based on that IP?

The immediate objective of this correspondence is to have the parties at your end recognise the seriousness of the situation, and galvanise heightened action to find my belongings – most especially those outlined in this email and their ilk. As has been discussed, these are not small items, they are large 60-litre plastic crates with wheels. In one instance, a waist-height, five-drawer plastic filing cabinet filled with training objects and project work, is missing.

I urge you to initiate a more thorough, more extensive search and to keep the intensity up on this until all this is found. This is not something that an offer of an insurance pay-out will fix, nor that time or Christmas will make go away.

I trust that you have, for example, visited all customers whose consignments were shipped in the same container as mine, to see whom my crates and other items might have been errantly delivered to. 

Further, whilst my previous emails have met with no response, I ask that you acknowledge this email, providing an update on your actions to date, and now also on your intentions related to the advice contained herein.

Jordan Kelly

  • Michele Kelcher
    January 28, 2016

    All I can say is thank goodness I didn’t use Allied Pickford when I moved home from Aussie a decade ago! These guys charge the earth and you would expect them to do a good job, for the money you pay. I know that they will never get my business and I will tell all my friends of the terrible job they did with your shift. shame on you alliedPpickford for your shoddy uncaring attitude. The more people that know about this the better!!

  • Dee
    January 28, 2016

    This is terrible, from any perspective you pay people to handle a move so that you yourself don’t need to, From this it seems it would have been easier to do it without them.

  • John Guthrie
    March 31, 2016

    This situation, for it is beyond what we might call a customers story of poor service, gets worse as does the attitude of Allied Pickford. To not even acknowledge the seriousness of this situation is appalling. The fact that very personal items have been treated with disrespect
    is bad enough but there can be no excuse for losing a clients future material for her income. With today’s systems for tracking parcels it must be known to be somewhere, so you wander what is behind this situation and is someone trying to hide something. Insurance is an easy way out really for this company to hide its incompetence.

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