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Be Savvy With Your Information

One of my real hobby horse issues is privacy . . . of which each of us has very little left, and certainly far less than we assume.

As always, I urge readers to think twice about the necessity for disclosing their personal information to any organisation – public or private – before they simply plop it into the fields of online forms and the like.

Assumptions that an individual can take at face value – and rely upon the supposed integrity of – broad-brush assurances that “your information will be kept in the strictest confidence”, are naive.

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And the Prize for Erroneous Information & Arrogant Call Centre Operators Goes To . . .

Before banging its drum about its rentalcars.com subsidiary’s “great level of service”, the Priceline Group’s management should, anonymously, get themselves on the other end of their call centre staff’s “service”. I wanted to alert this aggregated rental car booking service to a situation I thought its management should absolutely want to know about and to – on principle – seek a refund for an undelivered service.

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Your Privacy:

Do You Have Any Idea How Little of It You Have Left?

At the same time as Government agencies and corporations are banging on about the importance of privacy law compliance, they’re delightedly trading away your privacy in multitudinous ways, and largely without your knowledge.

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