The Best Soy Milk
I’ve Ever Bought


A decades-long search for a decent-tasting soy milk that isn’t full of added sugar, artificial flavourings and other crap (sorry, no other word for it) has ended . . . successfully.

In the most unexpected of places – a Four Square store in deepest rural New Zealand – I stumbled across the Pure Harvest brand of organic soy milk: the yummiest, purest, most reasonably-priced of all soy milks I’ve tried. And I’ve just about tried them all.

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From New Zealand's 'The Main Report':

Don’t Let Frontline Staff Do This

According to the editorial team of ‘The Main Report’ (New Zealand’s long-standing “business newsletter”), an organisation’s frontline staff should NEVER make any of these three statements to a customer:

  • “It’s our policy.” The purpose of this is to simply to shut someone down, TMR’s editors say.
  • “There’s nothing I can do.” There’s always something you can do, they challenge.
  • “It’s the manufacturer’s responsibility.” Your customer has a relationship with you, not your supplier, the editors point out.



Jarno Lehtinen (left) and Jacob Phillips (right), frontline staff at the highly recommendable Cod & Lobster Brasserie at the “top of Trafalgar”, the bars-and-eateries end of
Nelson’s main street.

Regular TPOC readers will know that a business doesn’t have to be or do anything particularly earth-shattering to appear as a “Getting It Right” story on this blog. Sometimes, it’s just an unexpectedly strong customer service ethos that gets me waxing lyrical.

Such is the case as a result of stopping into the Cod & Lobster Brasserie in Nelson this week for a nightcap.

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Getting It Right:

The Finest Food in the Simplest of Places


‘Mr Souvlaki’:  Mahmmoud Jawawdeh

Sometimes one finds the finest food in the simplest of places.

This week, after a visit to my brilliant young Dunedin, New Zealand, hairdresser, I noticed a Mediterranean take-away / eat-in outlet a few doors down.

Regular TPOC readers will know of my penchant for healthy food. Did you also know that Mediterranean food is widely recognised as the healthiest cuisine on the planet?

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Customer 'LTV':

An Eye-Opener for the Ignorant

“Customer Lifetime Value” (“LTV”) is a principle of formal marketing that took a lot longer than it should have, to receive active consideration by today’s consumer-driven industries.

Despite its fundamentality, “LTV” is, in my opinion, still given insufficient (and more often, scant or no) serious attention.

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