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Hiding Big Brother:

Southern Cross Puts Positive Spin
on Reduction of Choice

If you’re a suitably cynical and sharp-minded consumer, you’ll have noticed the tendency of medical insurance companies to send out a happy, cheery, positive letter/newsletter whenever they want to announce something that isn’t actually so cheery at all. (Premium rise announcements typically take this thinly-disguised form.)

Last week, Southern Cross Health Society, New Zealand’s most-recognised, “household name” medical insurance provider, of which I am a policyholder, sent me a letter.

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‘Your Call Will Be Recorded for “Quality & Training” Purposes’

Firstly . . . bullshit. If your call was being recorded for “quality and training” purposes, with the volume of customer calls that are recorded each day, there’d be a lot better-trained call centre operators, with a lot better manners, offering more efficient service than is my regular experience.

So, a strong word to those organisations and agencies that feel the need to record every word spoken by their (paying) customers:  Let’s have a bit more honesty, eh?

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The True Stakeholder Experience:

Do CEOs Have Any Idea of The Experience Their Customers Are Having?

Do CEOs and other senior management executives really know what’s happening out there “on the ground”? And how important is it that they do, anyway?

As contentious as it may be, I’m prepared to go out on a limb and say that CEOs and other C-suite executives often know very little of what goes on in their businesses “out there” at “street” and stakeholder level.

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Your Privacy:

Do You Have Any Idea How Little of It You Have Left?

At the same time as Government agencies and corporations are banging on about the importance of privacy law compliance, they’re delightedly trading away your privacy in multitudinous ways, and largely without your knowledge.

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