Call Centres: Exercise this Simple Courtesy!


I’m writing this story whilst on a long wait for a “customer help representative” (from a large B2C organisation) to get around to answering my call.

After going through a considerable number of phone menu levels, I’m sitting here on indefinite hold with the same instantly recognisable, repetitive five bars of electronic “music” playing over and over in my ear.

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And the Prize for Erroneous Information & Arrogant Call Centre Operators Goes To . . .!

Before banging its drum about its subsidiary’s “great level of service”, the Priceline Group’s management should, anonymously, get themselves on the other end of their call centre staff’s “service”. I wanted to alert this aggregated rental car booking service to a situation I thought its management should absolutely want to know about and to – on principle – seek a refund for an undelivered service.

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